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PGAN began as a small project in Richmond, VA in October of 2016. Family-play and, primarily, the joy felt in seeing children's excitement was the foundation of how PGAN started.

The initial intent was to provide an overview of pokemon around a single area, reachable within driving distance from a central point. This quickly caught on within a close group of friends and expanded into the Hampton Roads region of Virginia for Chesapeake and Norfolk.

With the success of filling our own Pokedex's, we decided to share what we have created with others within our respective local communities in Richmond and Hampton Roads. We did so by providing Twitter feeds as our first attempt. We reached out to our communities to determine which pokemon were most desired and deliver alerts to people via Twitter.

This is how our original name PoGO VA Alerts began.

As we expanded to other areas within Virginia, the cost of maintaining the scans began to rise. At this point, we decided to introduce maps to our users as a subscription service. As expected, this was met with some serious opposition but it was a necessary evil that had to be done to continue.

Fortunately, word spread to other states and we were able to move into Maryland, Colorado, and Texas. This helped increase our visibility and reputation in providing quality solutions to areas that hunted blindly.

In May of 2017, we officially became the PoGO Alerts Network and decided to open our maps up for free access to the general public. Our very own PGAN community has helped keep us going strong and become one of the leading map providers in the United States.

Today, we now offer mapping and alert solutions to Virginia, Maryland, Colorado, Florida, Texas, New York, New Mexico, Nebraska, Michigan, Delaware and Massachusetts.

With the limits imposed on the game, it’s been difficult to enjoy the game the way we used to. Families, millennials, teens, and young ones can all have fun again and take part in the global scavenger hunt of Pokemon.